Social Care Wales have set expectations that all care workers working in Wales must be registered as professionals. Here's how we approach registation at Pineshield.

Registration in Wales

Social Care Wales have set expectations that all care workers working in Wales must be registered as professionals, much in the same way as GP or nurse is expected to.

The main purpose of registration is to protect the public as it ensures only those who are competent and qualified can deliver care and support in roles where registration is required.

Being registered with Social Care Wales means you are part of a professional workforce and can show that you have skills and knowledge which are vital to providing good care and support to the people of Wales.



Support at Pineshield

Social Care Wales make it clear that Registration is the responsibility of the care worker and, whilst it is your personal ticket to practice care in Wales, we strongly believe in supporting you throughout the process.

Our induction programme has been created with Registration and future qualifications in mind, meaning that we are able to set you on your path to Registration early on in your career journey. If you have any questions about Registration we are happy to discuss this at interview or onwards, as you become a successful member of the team.


Once registered with Social Care Wales, you'll be required to maintain it.

You will be expected to adhere to the Social Care Wales Code of Practice and behave in a way that does not endanger or discriminate against the people you support or the colleagues you work with.

You will also be expected to complete 90hrs of training within the 3 year period. As your employer, we will provide you with the mandatory training and every opportunity for learning and development to ensure you can meet your target learning hours. It is your responsibility to log these hours but we will be at hand to support you every step of the way.


The benefits of registration

There are benefits to being a registered person, they include:

Building trust and confidence

  • people can rely on registered social care workers
  • people have confidence knowing you follow the Code

Valuing social care workers

  • you can show you have the skills and knowledge to be a social care worker
  • you can show you're trained and take responsibility for developing knowledge and skills
  • employers can provide the support and development you need
  • knowing more about you will help us plan ways to support you.

Making sure people are safe

  • protecting people’s rights and making sure they are listened to
  • supporting people to be independent and protect themselves
  • if a worker is not fit to practise they can be removed from the Register and unable to practice in Wales.

Other benefits

  • being able to legally use the title of your profession
  • get support and information from our practice guidance documents and other publications
  • invitations to events and conferences
  • invitations to consultations.

Registration fees

When applying for registration you must pay an application fee; each year you will need to pay an annual fee and every three years you will need to pay a renewal fee when you renew your registration.

We will support you at every step of the way with your registration but we do ask that you pay your Registration fee yourself. You can see a list of the current fees here on Social Care Wales’ website.

Social Care Wales will send you email reminders and will let you know when your fees are due, the amount you need to pay, and when to pay on your SCWonline account.


Further Reading

If you’d like to read more about registration, please head on over to Social Care Wales’ website here


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