We value our hard working staff and ensure we thank them in every way we can

We value our staff

We know that working in the sector can be a challenge. Not only do we strive to deliver a healthy work/life balance to our team, we recognise our staff's hard work through competitive wages and a wealth of company benefits that continues to grow. We send out a survey periodically to get an idea of what benefits our team may prefer and welcome the sharing of any ideas at any time!

We've taken the time to explain what each of these benefits means to you. Take a look at our full list of benefits below.

Our company benefits include:

Employee of the month

Care Friends referral scheme

Social Media Stars rewards

Enhanced rates of pay

Paid annual leave

Earnings on demand

Long service rewards

Wellbeing support 24/7

What do these benefits mean for you?

We're adding to our list of company benefits all the time and we want our staff to play a big part in helping us decide what we offer. Find out below what each of our current benefits can offer you

We know it could be all too easy to focus on the recruitment pressures facing the sector, and forget our staff who work tirelessly day in, day out to deliver the quality service we aim to provide.

It's for that reason we have launched our Employee of the Month programme as just one of the incentives we have planned, to show thanks to our brilliant workforce.

Our Employees of the Month are celebrated on our social media platforms and are rewarded in person by their Team Lead. Our Employee of the Month is nominated based on set criteria, and we're not against having more than one if staff members deserve it!

Care Friends is a referral scheme that has been setup by an expert in the field of social care recruitment, Neil Eastwood.

Care Friends is an app that allows staff members to easily share company vacancies and earn points. Each point gains you £1 and you can cash in those points as a bonus to your pay whenever you've earned enough.

We'll tell you all about Care Friends during your induction, but you can download the app and start sharing as soon as you've been offered a job with us!

You can easily earn considerably more points by referring people you know to work for us. If someone you refer starts work with us and stays for 6months, you'll earn a total of £250

Our team do wonderful work with the people we support and we want to share those moments.

We encourage our team to be proactive in capturing those moments and sharing good news stories.

Each staff member who takes a photo that's used on our social media will gain 1pt through the Care Friends app (£1). Staff members gain 2pts (£2) per photo of the people we support. We also use our discretion to reward team members who have been particularly proactive with regards to social media. There is plenty of opportunity to quickly build up points.

Note that photos used are at the discretion of management and all consent must be confirmed prior to use. You will be advised on our social media policy and supported to ensure that you are dealing with photos professionally


We offer enhanced rates for staff members working past 7pm - 8am, and all day on weekends.

We also pay further enhanced rates on Bank Holidays.

For any member of staff who is qualified, your standard hourly rate of pay will increase, as well the enhanced rates. We value staff who strive to develop themselves and so want to reward career development. 

Some providers include holiday pay within their wage. We pay this separately to you.

You are entitled to 20days leave plus 8 Bank Holidays, and these days off are all paid at your standard rate of pay.

We have members of staff that have worked with us for 18yrs and counting. We value our team tremendously and want to recognise your commitment. 

We will celebrate your long service on our social media channels and be sure to reward you for your hard work accordingly! We celebrate a number of significant milestones but of course all of your time with us is recognised, and appreciated each and every day

We've invested in Hastee Pay; a scheme that allows you to access the money you've earned so far, ahead of pay day. 

It also allows you to track your earnings and see just how much you've gained from picking up those extra shifts. 

To read in more detail about Hastee Pay, follow the link to their website.

Electronic care plans are brilliant at ensuring the most up-to-date information is always available to the people involved in providing care and support for others. We have invested in these systems to help us provide a quality service.

Some providers expect their staff to access such information on their own phones. We feel that not only raises concerns around data protection, but also encroaches on your personal life.

We provide all our team with up-to-date smartphones for work purposes to help you keep that work/life balance and protect the information of those we support more effectively. 

All time spent travelling between your calls is paid at the National Living Wage, so you don't lose out

Mileage between calls is paid at 25p per mile.

Each tax year end, staff are provided with a form detailing the total miles and payments received, supporting you to claim the tax benefit from HMRC 

Staff can come under heavy emotional strain when working with people on a daily basis. We recognise this and have methods in place to support you. Social Care Wales have recently commissioned an Employee Assistance Programme to support all social care staff and we have signed up to ensure our team get emotional support 24/7 about anything that might be effecting them.

This means you'll be able access free telephone or online counselling/advice 24/7, 365 days a year, from an independent source, trained in dealing with day-to-day problems whether they be in home or work life.
You're welcome to talk to them about mental health, consumer rights, domestic violence, debt, work problems and anything else that's troubling you, confidentially.

You can read more about the service offered to staff members here

We want to ensure you are fully equipped before starting work with us as quality is paramount, but we don't want you to be out of pocket! We provide 4 days' worth of mandatory training, all added on to your first wage.