We support you with professional development and nurture a proactive approach to self-led learning

We want to help you grow

After a successful interview, we will invite you to one of our welcome sessions where we explain our company and how we can work together.

Whilst you're awaiting employment checks, we set you up on our training programme to get you equipped to embark on your career journey as soon as you're ready to start.

When trained and ready to start work, you'll undertake 3 'shadow' shifts under the careful watch of a senior member of staff. We have created a probation booklet that documents your progress at each step of the way. This process encourages self-reflection enabling both your allocated senior mentor to assess the your ability to work as part of our team, as well as giving you the opportunity to determine if you continue to feel comfortable in your role.

Over your 12 week probation period, you will be met with at 4 week intervals for supervision sessions with your designated Team Lead, all the while documenting your progress and what you have achieved.

At the end of your 3 month probation, you will meet with the Registered Manager and go through your probation booklet together. Here you will discuss your confidence and competence and if you're not quite ready, we will put a plan in place to support you to get to where you need to be.

As a fully-fledged member of the team you will receive one-to-one meetings with your manager on a regular basis as a form of ongoing support. It is in these meetings that your professional development is formally tracked and measures put in place by working together to find solutions.



We encourage our team members to share their ideas around training and development; we want to nurture a proactive approach to learning.

In order to meet Social Care Wales Registration requirements team members are expected to complete a health and social care qualification within 3yrs of signing up. We have ensured that our training programme is mapped directly to the qualification right from the very beginning, giving you confidence that everything you do and learn is going to benefit you in the future.


Outside of Pineshield there are plenty of opportunities to find experience in social care roles:

Stepping into healthcare

CIW inspector

Social Worker

Qualifications assessor

Volunteer/ Charity work



We see our approach as win-win; if we can support you to be trained up in areas of interest, you will be working in a job that truly sparks your imagination whilst supporting us to grow our business and filling it with people who are enthusiastic and invested in their work.

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